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Both mentorship and coaching play a major key in attaining success to whatever degree you determine your success to be. Mentorship and coaching may get put into the same category but both have differences that distinguish them apart. They both pertain to an authority figure guiding other to success. Mentorship pertains to more of an individual’s learning experience while leadership is more concerned about navigating a group of people.



The idea of mentorship is based on a relationship. The mentor has a relationship with the mentee in which they share their own knowledge through personal experience to aid the mentee. Mentorship is not performance-based, unlike leadership. It is not focused on improving certain skills but rather help the mentee in the development process as a whole. Mentorship is based on trust and respect. A mentee should never feel uncomfortable asking for advice or trying out ideas with their mentor.

A mentorship is not created with the end goal of them to become a leader. There is no immediate action or change yet they are an integral part of leadership development process. A survey conducted by Deloitte shed some light on home millennials view mentorship and leadership. They found that 61 percent of over 7,000 millennials this year said that having an individual to turn to for advice and help for developing their leadership skill set was beneficial to them. Mentoring can be a critical part in creating strong leaders for the future. As well there are different types of mentors. Whether you have a challenger, a coach, or a cheerleader, finding the right type of mentor that will work best with you is key.



The biggest difference between mentorship and coaching is that mentors share their experiences while coaches prompt leaders to reflect on their own experiences and come to their own conclusions. Coaches require their mentee to look at their work critically rather than just telling them what they could have done better. Leadership coaching requires a more active role because the coach must come up with a strategized plan for their mentee rather than just telling them what to do.

Both are effective ways to encourage bold leaders but some are more responsive to one than the other. Coaching and mentoring are both tools that can aid individuals into becoming leaders in any given situation or work environment.